Breakfast Service

Breakfast Service

provide very good room service for you.

Did you call the breakfast service?

Your breakfast will be sent to your room in 10 minutes. Here's your breakfast, sir.

I'll bring them to you right away.

A: This is Room Service. May I come in?

B: Sure.

A: Here is your meal, sir. Where shall I put the tray?

B: You can leave it over there.

A: Could you sign here, please?

B: No problem. It's OK.

A: Thank you, sir.


(Eva is booking breakfast.)

Clerk: Good morning. Room service. How can I help you?

Eva: Yes, my family would like to have breakfast in our room. Will you please send breakfast to my room?

Clerk: Sure, madam. Would you tell us your name and room number, please?

Eva: Eva, Room 517.

Clerk:Thank you. What will you like American breakfast or continental?

Eva: Just continental breakfast, please.

Clerk: With juice or beer?

Eva: Juice, please.

Clerk: Would you like orange juice?

Eva: Yes.

Clerk: Would you like some bacon and bread?

Eva: Bacon and bread would be nice.

Clerk. Thank you for calling. Please wait for a short while.