A Buffet Party

A Buffet Party

We need some slap-up food and beverage for the banquet. What can you offer?

What drinks would you like?

We'll get everything ready in advance.

How would you like us to arrange the tables?

We can arrange all kinds of banquets for you.

A: Hello. I want to hold a buffet party.

B: When does it start, sir?

A: Mm, from 2:00 p. m. to 6:00 p. m..

B: What about the venue for the function, sir ? Were you thinking of an indoor or outdoor function?

A: Indoor, I think, in one of your function rooms, but which one I dont know.

B: OK.

(A guest wants to hold a dinner party in the banquet hall. )

Guest: I want to reserve a room for two hundred people to hold a! dinner party.

Clerk: Just a moment, please. I'll check whether the function hall is available... Yes, sir. Our function hall is available on that day.

Guest: What's the charge?

Clerk: Would you like buffet dinner or normal dinner, sir?

Guest: I prefer buffet.

Clerk: Then the minimum charge is 200 yuan per head, excluding drinks, with a minimum 100 people.

Guest: Then how do you charge for the drinks?

Clerk: We either charge the organizer for all the drinks ordered or we agree a fixed price with the organizer and let the guests drink  freely within the limit.

Guest: I see. Could you fax the buffet menu to me ?l would like to have a look at it.

Clerk: Certainly, sir. We have three different kinds of buffet. May I have your fax number, sir?

Guest: It's 31700812. Please specify for Mr. Chen.