buy some smoke

buy some smoke

I went to get cigarettes, what's going on?

I m afraid the machine only stocks Lark. Mild or regular, sir?

A: Waitress. Can you get me some cigarettes?

B: There is a vending machine in front of the cloakroom.

A: Well, can't you get them for me?

B: I'm afraid I'm not allowed to leave my post, sir.

A: OK. I'll get them myself.

B: Thank you for your understand.


(A guest is buying cigarettes)                

Guest: Could you bring me some cigarettes, please?

Waiter: Which brand would you prefer?

Guest: I'd likeSalemMenthol, please.

Waiter: I'm afraid we only stock Lark Regular or Mild, sir.

Guest: Well, make it Regular then.

Waiter: Certainly, sir, but I'm afraid they must be paid for separately.

Guest: Can't you just put it on my bill?

Waiter: I'm afraid we keep a separate record for cigarette sales.

Guest: Well, how much are they?

Waiter: 20 yuan, sir.

Guest: Here you are then.