Making Telephone Calls

Making Telephone Calls

Can i speak to the supervisor?

I meant to say that.

Where would you like to call?

Please dial 0 before dialing your hotel number. I'm so glad I got hold of you at last.

Were you trying to get in touch with me?

A: Flowers Hotel.

B: May i speak to Mr. Miller, please?

A: Do you know his room number?

B: I'm sorry I don't.

A: Just a moment, please. I'll give you the front desk.

B: Thank you.


(Liu Ying just arrives in Shanghai, and wants to meet with Chen Xin.)

Liu Ying: Hello, is Miss Chen in?

Chen Xin: Yes, speaking. Who's calling, please?

Liu Ying: Hi, Chen Xin. This is Liu Ying.

Chen Xin: Hi, Liu Ying. Where are you calling from?

Liu Ying: I've just arrived in Shanghai. I'd like to see you soon.

Chen Xin: I'd like to see you, too. Which hotel are you staying in?

Liu Ying: The Friendship Hotel. My room number is 3009.

Chen Xin: OK. I'll come to see you at 8 o'clock this evening. Would that be all right with you?

Liu Ying: That'll be OK. I'll be expecting you. See you then.