call a taxi

call a taxi

To railway station. How much will it cost?

I'd like a taxi in about 10 minutes' time. Could you just wait in the entrance hall, sir? OK. Luxury, mid-size or compact?

Watch the meter.

A: Hello.

B: Hello. Reception. May I help you?

A: Yes, can you send a car here?

B: Yes, right now. Your name, please?

A: My name is David. It's easy to find me.

B:OK, Mr. David.


(Mr. Amber makes a call for a taxi,)

Clerk: Taxi Service centre here. Can i help you?

Mr. Amber: Ah, yes, please. I'd like a taxi in about 30 minutes' time.

Clerk: OK. Where are you calling from?

Mr. Amber: I'm at Golden Mountain Hotel. My name is Amber.

Clerk: Well, but there is about several minutes wait or more rush hour now.

Mr. Amber: Yes, that'll be fine.

Clerk: Where are you headed for, Mr. Amber?

Mr. Amber: I want to go to the airport.

Clerk: What is your airplane time?

Mr. Amber: At 11:30. I'm catching a plane to Hong Kong.

Clerk: Right. Could you just wait in the entrance hall, sir?

Mr. Amber: All right. I'll be there. Let's see. that'll be at 10:30.

Clerk: Yes. OK