call the waiter

call the waiter

Waiter,i would like to have a bottle of champagne, please.

Excuse me, please give me two bottles of mineral water.

Miss!Would you bring me another cup of coffee, please?

Waiter, I would like to have a large orange juice.

I'd like a Gin and Tonic.

A: Waiter!

B: Yes, sir. Would you like anything else?

A: No, give me the bill please.

B: Yes, one moment, please... Here is your bill, sir.

A: OK.

B: It totals 300 yuan.

A: Here you are.


(A guest is calling the waiter.)

Guest: Waiter.

Waiter: Yes, please.

Guest: Do you have any showgirls?

Waiter: Well, we haven't got any showgirls like the Western countries, but we've got a good singer here. We offer an entertainment of song-on-demand.

Guest: Thafs OK. How I do it?

Waiter: We have a list of songs, and you can order any song on the list.

Guest: I don't know any Chinese song. How about an English song?

Waiter: Yes, if it's on the list. If you like, we'd like to introduce some Chinese songs to you.

Guest: OK. Let me see.

Waiter: Here you are. You can call me if you order.