call transfers

call transfers

(Xin Lai finds Mr. Lin in maintenance section, then the operator helps  him transfer a call )

Operator: Sunshine Hotel. Can I help you?

Xin Lai: Could I speak to Mr. Liu in your Maintenance Section, please?

Operator: Who shall i say is calling, please?

Xin Lai: Mr, Xin. That's X-l-N. It's about the rewiring of the alarm.

Operator: Could you hold on for one minute, please. Mr. Xin, i'll put you I through.

Xin Lai: Thank you.

Operator: Hello, Mr. Xin,l'm afraid Mr. Liu is in a meeting at the monment,Can I take a message, please?

Xin Lai: Yes, could you ask him to ring me back as soon as possible?

Operator: Of course, Mr. Xin. Could you give me your number, please .

Xin Lai: It's 1638405.

Operator: 1638405. Thank you, Mr. Xin. I'll ask Mr. Liu to return your  when he comes in.