Of all beverage alcohol, champagne is the most versatile.

The champagne is very bubbly.

Only Champagne can use the direct blending of white and red wines to produce rose wines.

Before the ices, champagne was passed round.

A: Your Champagne, sir. May I serve it now?

B: Yes, please.

A: I'll put the cork here. May I decant it now to allow it to breathe?How is it, sir?

B: Excellent!

A: Please taste it, sir. Is it ail right?

B: Wonderful!

A: Thank you, sir.

(What kind of wine do you have?)

Waiter: Do you want to have any drink, sir?

Guest: What kind of wine do you have?

Waiter: Beer, rum drink, wine and champagne.

Guest: Champagne, please.

Waiter: Will you try that punch. It tastes special.

Guest: I only drink champagne.

Waiter: And what to follow?

Guest: What do you recommend?

Waiter: Would you like some appetizers or salads? 

Guest: Sounds good, salads.