change place

change place

sorry, I'll get you another one.

I'll have the chef make you another one. Sorry, would you like it cooked a little more? Shall I have them cooked again?

I'll speak to the chef and see what he can do.

A: Why does this soup taste so strange?

B: Pardon me, sir. But didn't you order Beef Vegetable Soup?

A: Oh, is that what this is?

B: I believe so. But if it really bothers you, I'll replace it for you.

A: No, don't replace it. Give me a refund.

B: Sorry, we don't refund money, but you may order something else instead.

A: Well. Give me Dam Chowder Soup.


(A guest is not satisfied with the food.)

Waiter: Is everything to your satisfaction, sir?

Guest: No, the steak is not very fresh.

Waiter: Oh!Sorry to hear that. This is quite unusual. I will look into the matter.

Guest: It is not fresh and I am not happy about it.

Waiter: I'm sorry, sir. Do you wish to try something else? That would be on the house, of course.

Guest: No. I don't want to try something else, and find it is not fresh again!

Waiter: Please be assured that we will look into the matter. Our chef is very particular.

Guest: No, I don't risk it.

Waiter: How about a soup? I'm sure you'll like it.

Guest: Maybe.

Waiter: Just give us another chance.