chatting with guest

chatting with guest

How do you know our restaurant?

What do you think of this dish?


This pear is juicy/succulent.

This bread is wonderful. Really fresh!

A: How do you like the food here?

B: Very good! This is the most authentic French cuisine I have had inChina.

A: I'm glad you like it. How about our service? Do you like it?

B: Yes,i like it very much.

A: Thank you for saying that. Welcome you coming again, sir.

B: I'll


(A waiter is chatting with guests.)

Waiter: Welcome to our restaurant!

Guest: Thank you!

Waiter What was your first impression of China?

Guest: I was so amazed by the population. There are so many people everywhere.

Waiter: What do you like best aboutChina?

Guest: The hospitaltty of Chinese people.

Waiter: Wish you a good time!

Guest: Thank you. I would like to buy something and take them back from China. What are your suggestions?

Waiter: How about Chinese silk and tea ?They are all famous in world. 

Guest: It's a good idea. Thank you!