Checking in

Checking in

Please fill in this form and pay a hundred yuan in advance for him. This is a receipt for paying in advance. Please keep it.

OK. Do you have a pen?

Now, please pay at the cashier desk over there firstly.

Your room number is 1220. and here is your room key.

I'll take good care of it.

A: I'd like to check in, please.

B: May I have your name?

A: Yes, Mary.

B: Do you have a reservation with us, Miss? A: Yes, I do.

B: Please fill out this registration card.

(The hotel clerk is giving a customer check in.)
Receptionist: May I see your passport?…Thank you sir. Will you please fill in the registration form.
Customer: OK. Surname, first name, nationality, permanent address, place and date of birth, and signature. Is that OK.
Receptionist: Yes. Let me have a check.
Customer: Do you give a discount if I stay here one week or more than one week?
Receptionist: Yes, we give 6% discount for one week, 13% for two weeks and over.
Customer: Then, I want to stay here for one week.
Receptionist: How would you like to pay, in cash or by credit card?
Customer: Could I pay with traveler's checks?
Receptionist: Sure. Here is the key to Room 318 and your room card.
The bellman will show you to your room, Mr White. And enjoy your stay.
Customer:Thank von