Chinese Chicken Kebab

Chinese Chicken Kebab

What kind of dish is it?

It is a very light (filling) dish.

It is a bacon, tomato and lettuce dish. It is beef stewed in red wine.

It has a very delicate (subtle) taste.

A: Good evening, sir. Here is the dinner menu.

B: Thank you. What is the “Chinese Chicken Kebab”like?

A: It is diced chicken with leek and small green peppers on a skewer, covered with a special sauce and barbecued.

B: That sounds good. How many are there per serving?

A: There are three per serving. Will that be enough?

B: I'll try them first and then order more if I need them.

A: OK, sir. Anything else?

B: That's OK.

(A clerk is explaining food.)

Clerk: Here is spicy diced chicken with peanuts, sir.

Guest: It looks very delicious.

Clerk: I would advise you to enjoy the dish while it is hot.

Guest: Tasty and tender!It must be one of the famous local dishes.

Clerk: Yes, It's a traditional dish ofSichuan.

Guest: And it must be very particular in cooking.

Clerk: You are right, sir. To prepare it, a Sichuan food chef first frie some chili until they turn reddish brown, and then puts dicej chicken breast meat into the pot with other condiments  and peanuts. That's why the dish has a bright color.

Guest: I see.

Clerk: Please help yourself to it.