closestool problem

closestool problem

The toilet is stopped up.

The toilet is blocked.

The toilet is overflowing. There is no water in the toilet. The flush isn't working.


A: Excuse me, Miss, can you come to my room now? I need your help.

B: Sure, what can I do for you?

A: You see, the toilet is out of order. It won't flush.

B: Oh, I am very sorry. Let me go and check it for you... Oh, please waij for a short while. Let me get the repairer. Can I use your phone?

A: Sure, please.

B: OK. Thank you.


(A guest gives a call to let someone repair the closestool.)

Clerk: Service Desk. Can ? help you?

Guest: Yes, there seems to be something wrong with the toilet.

Clerk: We'll send someone to repair it immediately. What's your room number, please?

Guest: 1023.

Clerk: May I come in?

Guest: Come in.

Clerk: What's the trouble, madam?

Guest: The toilet doesn’t flush.

Clerk: Let me see. Oh, it's clogged..  It's all right now. You can try it.

Guest: Yes, it's working now.

Clerk: If you need any other things, please let us know