club service

club service

This is our aerobics room. There Is a class going on right now.

What is aerobics?

This is the gymnasium. We have all the latest equipment.

Mrs. Liu is our coach.

It's a complimentary service for club members.

A: Good evening, sir. Welcome to ourFitnessCenter.

B: Good evening. I'm looking for a place to do some exercises.

A: You've come to the right place. Ours is a well-equipped health center. We have all the latest gymnasium apparatus:race apparatus, bicycle apparatus, chest expander, and other apparatus for body exercises.

B: How much do you charge for the use of the apparatus?

A: Guests of the Executive Floor may use the equipment free of charge. Other guests are charged 30 yuan (RMB) each time.

(Bob and Camille are doing exercise in health center.)

Bob: Are you ready to start working out now?

Camille: No. First I need to warm up.

Bob: So, what muscles are you going to exercise today?

Camille: I thought I'd work on my chest and triceps.

Bob: I'm planning on working on my lower body this time.

Camille: What kind of lower body exercises do you do?

Bob: Mostly squats and calf raises.

Camille: Those are always good exercises to do.

Bob: I would like to ride on the bike for about 1 hour.

Camille: I didn't know that you did cardiovascular exercises as