Dealing with complaint

Dealing with complaint

There is no hot water /water boiler. The room is in a mess/too noisy! The window curtain is full of dust. Get me your manager!

I'm terribly sorry to hear that.

I'll look into this matter at once.


A: Good evening!This is Bell Captain. Can I help you?

B: I'm Tom. I have to make a complaint. I checked into my room 30 minutes ago and my luggage hasn't been delivered to my room yet.

A: I'm very sorry for the delay. What kind of luggage is it?

B: It is a brown leather suitcase.

A: Your luggage is still here. I'll ask a bellboy to send it to your room at once.

(Stevenson is not happy with his room.)

Receptionist: Good evening, Front Office. Can I help you?

Stevenson: This is Mr. Stevenson, Room 1809. I've just checked in and I'm not happy with my room.

Receptionist: May I know what is wrong?

Stevenson: The room is smelly and there is someone's hair on my bed  didn't expect such things would happen in your hotel.

Receptionist: I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Stevenson. I'll send a housem­aid to your room at once. She will bring air fresher and make up the bed again for you. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Stevenson: That's fine. Thank you.

Receptionist: You're welcome, Mr. Stevenson. My name's Jack, and i will service for you.