Requirements for Cooking Dishes

Requirements for Cooking Dishes

How would you like that prepared? How do you want your steak?

No ground pepper.

What does that come with?

Is that prepared with meat?

Cut me a piece of bread, please.

A: Waiter... I'll have a fruit salad to start with. And for the main course, I'd like steak and then, creamed potatoes, with some black coffee afterwards.

B: How would you like your steak done, sir?

A: Well-done, please.

B: Thank you, sir. Just wait a moment, please.

A: OK.

(A guest needs to have a medium steak.)

Waiter: What would you like?

Guest: I'll have the steak.

Waiter: Certainly. How would you like you steak?

Guest: Medium, please.

Waiter: Would you like rice, French fries, or a baked potato?

Guest: I'll have the baked potato. Does the steak come with a salad.

Waiter: No, I'm afraid it doesn't. But you can order one separately.

Guest: No, thanks. I'll pass.

Waiter: So, that's the filet mignon, medium, with a baked potato.

Guest: That's right.

Waiter: Thank you very much. Wait a moment, please.

Guest: Don't hurrvy