Customers lost something

Customers lost something

Why don't you check the counter?

If we see it, we'll contact with you immediately.

Have you lost your passport?

Where exactly did you sit yesterday in this restaurant?

A: Excuse me. I lost my wallet here yesterday. Have anyone seen it?

B: Yes. We did see one. But we must first make sure whether it was  yours. What's the color of your wallet and how much money is there in your wallet?

A: It is black and about 1, 000 yuan inside.

B: That's right. I'm glad to have found the loser. Here is your wallet.

A: Thank you very much.

(Mrs. White finds her lost watch.)

Waiter: Could I be of any help to you?

Mr. White: Yes. My wife and I had dinner here just about one hour agoi We were in a hurry to catch the train for the trip, so we finished the dinner very quickly, then we hurried to the railway station. But my wife suddenly found her gold watcra missing.

Waiter: Don't worry. What's the watch like and where you put it?

Mr. White: It's a Swiss made Omega woman gold watch. It's an autorrti atic mechanic gold watch. The plate is black.

Mrs. White: I had a drop of cola on my hand at the moment. I cleaned j my hand with the handkerchief so I took it off and put it on the table.

Waiter: We did find a woman gold watch when we began to clear out the table. Wait a second, please!

(The waiter goes to the main desk and returns with the watch in his  hand.)

Waiter: Is this yours?

Mr. White: Yes, that's it. We really don't know how i can thank you.

Mrs. White: The watch was from my grandfather as the gift for it