customers wait for a long time

customers wait for a long time

Sincerely apologize again and thank you for taking his/her time to wait.

I don't want to wait more than 30 minutes for my food.

Please wait a moment, your meal will be out right away.

Don't make a scene when you have to wait 30 minutes for a table.

I'm really sorry. Please wait a few more minutes. I’ll take it to you asj soon as possible.

A: Waiter. I have ordered my meal before 20 minutes, but now I don't eat food. Why do I need to wait so long ?

B: I'm really sorry, sir.

A: Please do hurry up!

B: OK. I'll go if you don't serve my dishes.


(A guest is waiting for dishes.)

Waiter: Sir, this is the steak you ordered.

Guest: Thank you. Why haven't my salad served?

Waiter: Sorry, sir. Please wait a minute and I will see about your order.

Guest: OK.

Waiter: Here is your salad.

Guest: Uh, why don't you just put everything down on the table? Well figure it out.

Waiter. All right. Here you are. Well, enjoy your meal.

Guest: Thank you.

Waiter: I'm so sorry wasting your time. We'll be on time in the future.

Guest: It doesn't matter.

Waiter: Thanks.