Darning Service

Darning Service

I don't want the shirt starched.

A button is missing on your blouse.

We can mend it.

We can mend a seam, not a hole.

Your coat has been mended. Is it all right?

Please pay attention to the collar when washing;there's somethiiv wrong already.

A: There is a small hole in your shirt. Do you want to have the shirt mended?

B: OK, that will be fine.

A: Is there any special requirements for your clothes?

B: No.

A: OK, I've got it.

B: Thank you very much.

A: It's my pleasure. Have a nice day.


(A guest requests to mend his clothes.)

Guest: Do you have a mending service for clothes?

Clerk: Yes, madam. Can I help you?

Guest: Well, I'd like the coat darned.

Clerk: I see. We can mend it for you.

Guest: Great! By the way, could you remove the stain on this coat before it's cleaned?

Clerk: What kind of stain is it, madam?

Guest: I spilled some oil on it.

Cleric I'm sure it is easy to be washed out, madam.

Guest: That's fine. How long do you think it will take?

Clerk: About half a day.

Guest: Fine. I'd like it ready as soon as possible.

Clerk:i see.