And what dessert do you want?

These cookies are so delicate. Can I take some away? I'm sorry, sir. You can't take away any food here.

If you like the pastry, you can buy it.

Can you pack it for me?

A: Would you like anything else?

B: No, thank you. Can I have my bill, please? 

A: Yes, sir. Here it is. 

B: Could you pick up the two dishes?

A: Yes.


(John and Morgan are talking about packing up.)

John: Morgan, can I ask you a question?

Morgan: Sure, what is it?

John: I was just wondering if many Chinese people take their leftover food home from a restaurant.

Morgan: In most cities inChina, doggie bags are quite uncommon.

John: What happens to all the leftover food?

Morgan: It usually goes to the dump.

John: That seems like an awful waster! Why don't people order fewer dishes so that they don't have to throw so much away at the end of the meal?

Morgan: Ordering a lot of food at restaurants is just a tradition inChina.

You know, in the past, people could not afford to eat out like they can today.

John: I guess that makes sense. I just think it would make more sense to take the leftovers home.

Morgan: Well, if you want, you can take the leftovers home.