Dining Environments

Dining Environments

What should be mentioned is that the dining environment is decent.Besides the delicious dishes, I pay much attention to the dining environment.

The disadvantage, obviously, is the environment of restaurants.

It is difficult to achieve this goal if they only depend on delicious foocl and comfortable environment.


A: It's too cold here. Could you turn up the air-conditioning a bit?

B: i'm sorry. I can't turn up the air-conditioning, because our hotel is central air-conditioning. Would you mind putting on your coat?

A: Well, I don't particularly care for eating with my coat on.

B: Would you like to sit by the window?

A: OK.


(Milly complains the dining environments.)

Milly: Waiter!

Clerk: Yes, Miss. Can I help you?

Milly: Yes, this napkin's been used. Can you bring me a new one, please?

Clerk:i will bring it right away, Miss.

Milly: Thank you. By the way, this is the non-smoking part of the resta­urant, isn't it?

Clerk: Yes, Miss.

Milly: Well, could you ask those people over there to stop smoking  please? It's horrible.

Clerk: Of course, Miss. I'll do it right away.

Milly: Thank you.

Clerk: It's my duty.