Dinner Served

Dinner Served

Here is your food. Please enjoy it.

This is the complete course. There is dessert to follow. Please serve the food now, all the guests have arrived. We're going to serve you with Beijing Roast Duck.

The next one will be the rainbow prawn.

A: Your beef, please.

B: Are you sure it's beef? It doesn't look like it!

A: Please have a try, sir. And you'll see it.

B: Hm, what's the seasoning made from?

A: It's mixture of pepper and various spices. It should be sprinkled on your food.

B: I see.


(The waiter starts to serve dinner.)

Waiter: Your Beijing Roast Duck.

Guest: Ah, it looks good. Can you tell me how to eat it?

Waiter: Yes, please wrap the Beijing Duck in the pancake with the spring onion and the sweet bean sauce. You'll find the taste's better.

Guest: I'll try. (Eating) Well, It's delicious.

Waiter: Your fried shrimp balls.

Guest: Shrimp! Are you sure there's a shrimp inside? It doesn't look  it!

Waiter: Please try, sir. And you'll see the shrimp.

Guest: Hm, I see.

Waiter: Help yourself.

Guest: i see. Thanks.

Waiter: Your shark's fin soup, sir. May I serve you?

Guest: Yes, please.

Waiter: This is the complete course.