This Dish is not Available

This Dish is not Available

I'm sorry, madam. Your order is not supplied on Sunday.

I'm afraid this is not the season for this vegetable. Would you mind changing something else?

I am sorry, sir. Do you mind trying something else?

A: I do not know a lot about Chinese food. Do you have some recomml endation?

B? We have lobster, Sauted Diced Chicken with Chilli Pepper onl service today.

A: I have heard about Beijing Roast Duck before. I'll take that one. 

B: I'm sorry. We haven't got any more duck today. Would you like something else?

A: That's all right. Please give me a Sauted Diced Chicken with Chitlf Pepper.

(When John orders, the waiter tells him there is not  dish.)

Wait: Would you like to order now? I can recommend the roast beef, It's very good.

John: No, I'm afraid I don't like roast beef. Actually, I think I'd betta go vwth something a little less filling. Let me see... You orda first, Sherry.

Sherry: allright. I will  order roast beef, but without any potatoes.

Waiter: OK. Are you ready to order, sir? We have roast lamb in our restaurant, it's really tasty.

John: But I think I'd like some fish, some Scotch salmon, please.

Waiter: I'm very sorry, sir. But I'm afraid we don't have salmon.

John: Then what fish do you have?

Waiter: I suppose you have some trout instead. It's very difficult to fin, really good Scotch salmon in the market this time of the year.

John: All right. That sounds fine. I think I'd like to try that. I'll have toj say service in your hotel is excellent.

Waiter: Thank you, sir.