Dissatisfaction with Breakfast

Dissatisfaction with Breakfast

I've been trying to catch your attention for the last ten minutes.

How much longer are we going to have to wait for our breakfast?

How can you take yourself to behave so?

No problem, sir. We'll manage it.

A: What can i do for you, sir?

B: I want to tell you something. I ordered the grilled steak medium well I and it's well done. And your waitress tried to put the blame on me. Is this the way you treat us guests?

A:i apologize for what has happened. There might have been some i misunderstanding. We should in no case blame any of our guests. Shall I get another steak for you now?

B: All right, but I want It within 15 minutes.

A: Yes, sir. Everything will be taken care of.


(A guest booked a breakfast yesterday, but it is not sent until now.)

Clerk: Hello. Front Desk. Can I help you?

Guest: I ordered breakfast last night. Now it is already 8:30 and my order hasn't been served yet!

Clerk: Sorry, sir. How did you make your order?

Guest: By phone.

Clerk: Please wait a moment and I'll check it for you right away..i really regretful for it, sir. It is our mistake. We're putting your order in a wrong place, so the chef had no knowledge about it.

Guest: It's so terrible.

Clerk: The restaurant and the cafeteria on the ground floor are serving now and you can go there.

Guest: I'll go downstairs.