About the Elevator

About the Elevator

Next car, please.

This doesn't stop at the second floor.

This elevator does not go up to the guest rooms.

It is an express elevator for the restaurants.

The elevators on the right are the express ones to the 10th Floor and above.


A: That's fine, Mr. Smith. Here's your key. Room 1021. B: Thank you.

A: Have a nice day, Mr. Smith.

B: Thank you. Where are the lifts?

A: The lifts? Over there, Mr. Smith.

B: Thank you.

(A clerk is pointing Uie lift)

Clerk: What can I do for you?

Customer: I want a room here.

Clerk: I see. What kind of room do you want? Customer: A double room, please.

Clerk: Which floor do you want?

Customer: The third floor will be good.

Clerk: Anything else?

Customer: Yes. What's the price of the room everyday?

Clerk: 300 yuan a night.

Customer: OK. Can you tell me where the elevator is?

Clerk: The bellboy will show you the room. Customer: Thank you very much.

You are welcome.