exchange room

exchange room

The result is very disappointing,i must say. I'm most unhappy for the room.
Everything will be taken care of.
This is more than I can bear.
I was hoping for more.

What can I do for you, sir?
There's terrible smell coming from the airconditioning. Is this the first time you noticed it?
No, actually, I've noticed it for about two days. Really? Then we'll change another room for you. Thank you.

(It's too noisy. Joe requests to exchange room.)
Clerk: Good morning, sir. What can I do for you?
joe: I'm Joe, Room 708. Can you change the room for me? It's too noisy. My wife was woken up several times by the noise the baggage elevator made.
Clerk: I'm awfully sorry, sir. I do apologize. Room 708 is at the end of the corridor. It's possible that the noise is heard early in the morning when all is quiet.
Joe: I'd like to change our room.
Clerk: No problem, sir. We'll manage it, but we don't have any spare room today. Could you wait till tomorrow?
Joe: All right.? hope we'll be able to enjoy our stay in a quiet suite tomorrow evening and have a sound sleep.
Clerk. OK. I'll make a note of that. Everything will be taken care of. And if there is anything more you need, please let us know.
Joe: Thank you very much!