Fax Service

Fax Service

What font and size would you like?

First I need your company's fax number. Make sure the pages are in the right order. May I have the fax number?

Whenever it's convenient for you.

It's 5 yuan per page.


A: May I help you, sir?

B: I need to send a fax.

A: Certainly. The fee is 2 yuan per page for a local fax. Long-distance faxes cost more.

B: It's to Nanjing. By the way, do you have computers here?

A: Yes, we do. And we have printers too.


(A  guest is sending a fax.)

Clerk: May i know the number, please?

Guest: Here you are.

Clerk: Is this the area code? It seems that the area code is missing.

Guest: Really? Let me check". Oh,you're right. (Guest scribbles in the missing number. ) Here you are.

Clerk: Oh, it's just over a minute, so you'll have to pay for 3 minutes, unfortunately.

Guest: Why didn't you say I should pay for 2 minutes? It's only three seconds over on minute.

Clerk. I know, it's shame. But we have to charge by the minute because that's how the Telephone Bureau bills us. I'm so sorry

Guest: Wow, So what do i owe you?

Clerk: It comes to 50 yuan