Getting drink

Getting drink

I never drink wine i will drive car. I never stick to mineral water. I cant understand people who mix orange juice and whisky!

I'm sorry I'm driving. A cup of coffee would be nice, though.

I had a hangover this morning.

Some soft drinks have too much sugar in them.

A: To your healthlCheers!

B: Cheers.

A: Knock yourself out B: I think so.

A: Can I refHt your glass?

B: No, thanks. I canl take another drop. Do you have any showgirls or singers?

C: Yes, we have. Just a moment.

(Tykr and Reed are drinidng.)

Tyler:You're such a sensible drinker.

Reed: How many cocktails does it take to get you drunk?

Tyler:I don't know. I'm so drunk already that I've forgotten how many rve had!

Reed: You are going to have a big hangover tomorrow, aren't you?

Tyter: Probably. But I know how to cure a hangover, so it's OK.

Reed: How do you do that?

Tyler : just need to take an aspirin with a glass of water tonight, go to sleep, wake up, have a few cups of coffee, and then I'm sorted.

Reed: How are you getting home tonight?

Tyler: I'll call a cab. I never drink alcohol if 1 have to drive.

Reed: Thafs the most sensible thing youVe said so far!

Tyler. Maybe we're a lot more like each other than I'd thought!