Guiding the Guests to Their Rooms

Guiding the Guests to Their Rooms

The hot water supply is from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m..

By the way, the door locks by itself.

Here is your key. Let me show you to your room. This way, please.

Welcome to the sixth floor. I'm the floor attendant.

Here's the room. I hope you like it.

After you, please.


May I introduce you the room facilities? A: Could you take me to Room 812,please?

B: This way, please. The elevator is right there. Here is the room 812.

Come in, please.

A: It's nice.

b: Here are the switches for all the lights and here is the closet and the bathroom is over there.

A: Wonderful.


(Gail is just checking in, and he asks an attendant how to go to his own room.)

Gail: Good morning, are you a room attendant?

Attendant: Yes,i am.

Gail: Where is Room 918, please?

Attendant: It is along here. May I show you to your room, Mr. Gail? Gail: Yes, please. Here is our room key. Oh, by the way, how do you know my name?

Attendant: It was on the arrival list for Room 918. May I help you with your suitcases, Mr. Gail?

Gail. No, thanks. I can manage it.

Attendant: This way, please. (After a while)Here we are. After you.

Gail. Thank you. When will our baggage arrive?

Attendant: The bellman will take it up soon.

Gail: Very well.