Home Delivery Service

Home Delivery Service

I'd like to know if your company delivers.

They make my mouth water.

Anything on our menu can be delivered.

How about getting some Beijing Roast Duck delivered? The fresh milk is over there beside the juice machine.

A: Good afteroon.

B: What are you going to have?

A: I'd like to order a hamburger and fries.

B: Oh, madam. Would you like some coffee or tea?

A: Tea, please.

B: OK. At what time would you like it?

A: Now, please.




(Teresa phones out for food.)

Waiter: Hi, Shiwei Restaurant. May I help you?

Teresa: Yes.i like to order lunch for take-out.

Waiter: What would you like?

Teresa: I like two orders of fried rice Cantonese style, one order of Sing apore rice noodles, sweet and sour pork, diced chicken witli cashew nuts, spring onions with beef and fired mushrooms with broccoli.

Waiter: Would you like some steamed rice?

Teresa: Yes, please. How long will it take?

Waiter: If you pick it up, it will be ready in about 15 minutes.

Teresa: OK. How much is it?

Waiter: It's 63. 80 dollars in total.

Teresa: Someone will be there in 15 minutes. Thank you. Bye.

Waitftr: Bye .