Hosting Guests

Hosting Guests

Please step this way.

I think that the one by the window is better.

How many people are there in your party?

And I have ordered another dish Sauted Shelled Shrimp. We'd better put three tables together.

A: Good evening, Mr. John! Glad to meet you again! Your table is already. We have been holding it for you. Could you follow mei please?

B: Fine. Thank you.

A: The floor is wet, please mind your steps. This is your table. Pleas! be seated. Here's the menu. The waiter will be with you in a moment.

B: Thank you.

(A head-waiter is hosting guests.)

Head-waiter: Good evening, sir.

Guest: Good evening. We'd like a table for four, please.

Head-waiter: Do you have a reservation, sir?

Guest: No, I'm afraid not. Can we sit over there? There s a tall free by the window.

Head-waiter: Sorry, sir. That table has been reserved. Come on please. (He leads them to a free table. ) How are you, sir?

Guest: Fine. We'll sit here.

Head-waiter: You can leave your coats here.

Guest: Thanks.

Head-waiter: May I take your order?

Guest: Wait a moment please.

Head-waiter: OK. sir.