At the Hot Pot Restaurant

At the Hot Pot Restaurant

Would you like more chicken soup in you hot pot? Just turn the gas off.

Any meat and vegetables?

A: Hello. May I take your order?

B: Yes, what will you recommend?

A: In this cold weather, I recommend the mutton hot pot, sir. Oud mutton hot pot is prepared with unique spices from a recipe passd  down from our ancestors, very tasty!

B: OK!Could you recommend some vegetables?

A: Now is season for spinach. Would you like some? And since the hoa pot may irritate your throat, I suggest some white gourd and yoghurt!

(A customer wants to know much about hot pot )

Customer: Could you make an introduction to hot pot? We don't know how much about it.

Waiter: Of course, sir. Hot pot is filled with flavorful and nutritious soup base, sliced raw variety meat, fish, various beancurJ products and all kinds of vegetables. It's the most famouJ dish inChongqing. The most popular is the Fish  Hotpot and also is our special.

Customer: That sounds good I'll have it.

Waiter: We have three kinds of soup base, spicy, pure and combol which do you like?

Customer: Combo.

Waiter: OK. This is the list of meats and vegetables that can

boiled in the hot pot. You can choose from it depending onj your tastes. Just mark those you like.

Customer: OK. Thank you.

Waiter: Sir, would you like more chicken soup in your hot pot?

Customer: Yes, it's very thoughtful of you. Thank you very much.

Waiter: You're welcome. If you need anything else, please let me know.