Hotel Safety

Hotel Safety

Our hotel's policy is that we ask for their real names from all our guests when they check-in.

Use the door peephole to see who is knocking and never open the door to strangers.

Never use a chain-latch to partially open the door.

Call the police or front desk if the stranger acts suspicious.


A:Can you show me your ID, please?

B.Here you are.

A:l'm sorry, Mr. Brown. Your ID is without a photo. You can't register without photo IDs.

B:But you did not advise me that I must present photo ID when I made reservation. I was invited to attend the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference. I can call the sponsor to testify.

A:Sorry, Mr. Brown. According to the state law, no hotel in New York  City will allow anyone to stay at their hotel without photo ID.


(A guest's clothes are missing.)

Manager: Security manager. May I help you?

Guest: Yes. This is 1102. My clothes on the chair next to my bed were missing.

Manager: Just a moment, madam. Let me read the tape of the doof lock to see if someone entered the room... The tape showed that only a housekeeper had entered the room in your absence, but it confirmed that she didn't steal your clothes.

Guest: Can i review the tape myself?

Manager: Of course. Please come with me to the security manager's office.

Guest: It's really strange. It seemed that the housekeeper did not leave carrying parcels.

Manager: I'm sorry, madam. We will accept the responsibility.