huangzhou dish

huangzhou dish

We are taking the last ortters for food, would you tike anyming more?

I don't have any idea of the Chinese food,

Please secve marinated seaweed first

Chrase food appeals not only to the eye, but to the sense of smell and the paiate


A: Ah, here oomes the first course. Tell me please what it is? it is lotus seed soup. Help yourself please.

B:Oh, Shis soup is daKdous. What's this second course?it's "west lake in vinegar gravy. It's very popular with our foreign friends.


Guest: WM kind of cuisine do you have?

WaHer: We haveSichuanfood,Hangzhoufood andBeijingfood. Which do you like best?

Guest: Hangzhou food.

Waiter :OK. How about Dongpo meat.

Guest :All right.

Waiter: Oo you Mce to use chopsticks?

Guest: Yes, I Kke using chopsticks.

Waiter: Oo you like some soup?

Guest: Yes, but I dont know what soup you hsvo.

Water :We have beef soup and tomato soup.

Guest: Good. I prefer beef soup.