At the Information Desk

At the Information Desk

Does this include breakfast?

Does this sum include the service charge? The charge is for the room only.

Excuse me. Where can I buy some film? Where is the post office?

A: Excuse me, where is the Coffee Shop?

B: The Coffee Shop is on the Second floor of the New Building. Take the hallway to the left past the Front Desk to the stairs. Go down the stairs and continue along to the next set of stairs. Go up these stairs and the Coffee Shop is to the right.

A: Thank you.

B: It doesn't matter.


(Nancy is asking something at the information desk.)

Nancy: Hi, Miss. May I trouble you for a moment?

Clerk: Of course. What can I do for you?

Nancy: First, I need to know where the car rental places are.

Clerk: They're down this hall to your left, just before you see the exit sign.

Nancy: OK. Thanks. And ? also need a map of Shanghai. In fact, I'd prefer a map of the whole country with a detailed map of the Shanghai city center.

Clerk: We have a special map for tourists here. They're free. Help yourself. Anything else?

Nancy: Yes. Is there a money changer here? I need to cash a travelers check.

Clerk: Of course.

Nancy: Oh, great! That's really convenient. Thanks for your help