Laundry problem

Laundry problem

My laundry is missing.

We'll bring it up to you as soon as we find it.

You may buy a new sweater and give us the receipt. What if there is any laundry damage?

Today's no problem.

A: Good morning, madam. There is a small problem with your laundry. The items in your bag don't match up with the items you checked off on your laundry list. According to your form there should be a pair of trousers in your bag, but the trousers are missing.

B: Really? Hmm. I guess I didn't put them in then. I'll check to see if they're in the closet. I'm sorry, I can't find them right now. Just send the laundry as it is.

A: Okay. Would you fill out a new form, please?

B: Sure.


(The laundry has clothes ruined.)

Clerk: Good afternoon. Can I help you?

Guest: The sweater is ruined.

Clerk: Really?Let me have a look.

Guest: The collar is a bit scorched, too.

Clerk: I'm here to express my apologies to you on behalf of our house­keeping. We'll pay you an indemnity. At the same time we'll refund the rate of laundry.

Guest: But I really need them tonight.

Clerk: I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience. You may buy a replace  and we'll refund the cost to you.

Guest: It's only so that.

Clerk: I'm very sorry. We'll take care of it next time.