Leaving a Message

Leaving a Message

Could you take a message, please?

I'll give him the message.

That's all. Thank you for the trouble taken.

I wonder if you could give Mr. Wang a message for me. Just a minute. I'll get a pen.

A: Beijing Hotel, front desk.

B: Hi,i want to speak with Edward Sloane.

A: Just a moment. I'll connect you to his room.

B: Nobody answered the phone in Mr. Sloane's room. Can you take a  message?

A: Yes, of course. I'll give him the message.


(Eve lets a hotel clerk leave a message.)

Clerk: Park Hotel. Can I help you?

Eve: Yes. Can you put me through to Amma?please?

Clerk: Is she a guest at the hotel, Miss?

Eve: Yes.

Clerk: Would you tell me her room number, please?

Eve: Mm. I think she's in room 505.

Clerk: Ah, yes, Miss. Just one moment, please.

Clerk: Hello, Miss. I'm afraid there's no response. Would you like  leave a message for her?

Eve: Yes, please. Just tell her I'm going to call her by this evening  about 7:00.

Clerk: Can I have your name, please, Miss?

Eve: Yes. It's Eve.

Clerk: Would you like to give me your telephone number so she can ring you back if necessary?