help customer take luggage

help customer take luggage

How many pieces of luggage do you have?

Let me carry your luggage.

Allow me, madam.

As soon as you finish checking in, the porter will take you to your room I'll take the baggage elevator and get them up to your room.

Is this the correct number of bags?

A: Your trunks are here. Do you want them both in the room?

B: Where are they?l want to see them.

A: Downstairs. Can you come down with me?

B: Yes. I need this one in the room, leave the other one in your bagg­age room.

A: Your trunk, madam. Where would you like to have this?

B: Right against the wall there.

(The porter helps a guest to take her baggage.)

Porter Excuse me.

Guest: Who are you?

Porter: I'm the doorman who brings you the luggage.

Guest: Oh. Thank you.

Porter Here is your luggage. Two suitcases. Is that correct?

Guest: Oh, no!I have one more handbag.

Porter: Could you please give me a brief description of the bag? I'll check that for you immediately.

Guest: It's a red leather bag with a name tag attached to it.

(After a while)

Porter. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Is this your handbag?

Guest: Yes, that's right.

Porter: We're terribly sorry for the mistake.

Guest: Thafs all right.