Mail Service

Mail Service

I d like to mail this package. Can I send it from here?

Would you like to send it by air mail or surface mail?

Since you send it by air mail, it will take about five days. How much is it to Shanghai?


A: Good morning, sir. May I help you?

B: I'd like this package to be delivered to Mrs. White in Room 306.

A: Certainly, sir. Is there anything valuable or breakable in the package" B: No, there isn't.

A: I see, sir. Could you fill this form out please?

B: Of course... Here you are.

A: Thank you, sir. We will deliver it to her room when she arrives.



(A guest has an urgent parcel sent, and the hotel clerk is helping to do

Clerk: Good afternoon, sir. Can I help you?

Guest: Yes, I would like to send this parcel to USA. It's quite urgent.

Can I send it from here?

Clerk: Certainly. Do you want to send it by air or by express mail?

Guest: By express mail, please.

Clerk: Wait a minute. I'll weigh it for you. It's 100 Hong Kong dollars, please.

Guest: That's alright. How much does it cost to send a letter by air to the United States?

Clerk. For standard letter, it's 20 Hong Kong dollars, sir.

Guest: Where can I get the stamps?

Clerk: You can get it here.

Guest: That's great. Then could you give me two, please?

Clerk: Glad to be of service, sir.