Making a Reservation

Making a Reservation

Smoking or non-smoking?

Are advance tickets for the Rolling Stone’s concert still available? I'm sorry, all the tickets for the day have been sold out.

All these are reserved seats.

We still have several near the stage.

Can i reserve a table near the window?

A:Beijing Opera. May I help you?

B: Yes, I would like to reserve a seat for your current show. Do you have a reserved seat for tomorrow evening?

A: No, sir. Tomorrow's seats are all sold out. You might ask a ticket broker.

B: OK. Thanks.

(Cora wants to buy tickets for "Clash of the Titans”)

Cora: Are advance tickets for “Clash of the Titans” still availa­ble?

Ticket Seller: What date, sir?

Cora: The thirty of this month.

Ticket Seller: Let me see... That's Friday, isn't it? I'm sorry, all the ticket  for that day have been sold out.

Cora: That's too bad. How about Saturday?

Ticket Seller: Just a minute, sir. Yes, tickets are stilt available for May.

Cora: Where and when can I reserve seats? 

Ticket Seller: Please come and get tickets for reserved seats at  theater. Tickets are sold at the Advance Sales window between 11:30 in the morning and 6:30 in the evening.