Meeting in hotel

Meeting in hotel

Please look at your copy of the agenda.

We have arranged several services for this meeting.

We will be responsible for the meeting-place sign-in service and the lantern slide and microphone debugging.

We will provide all kinds of shows.

We also provide an emcee to chair this meeting.

A: Good morning, Mr. Frank. You get up so early!

B: Good morning, I have to meet someone in the airport.

A: Does he also come to attend the meeting?

B: Yes, you're right. He is the VIP of this conference. Then how is the arrangement of the meeting?

A: Don't worry. Everything goes well.

(Lily is asking John about the room ready for the meeting.)

John: Good afternoon.

Lily: Is the room ready for the meeting?

John: Yes. The paper and pencils have been laid by the name-card  on the conference table for each attendant.

Lily: How about the service workers and guards?

John: There will be 6 service workers and 5 guards. 

Lily: I've heard that the sound system has gone wrong.    

John: Yes, but we have leased one. The broken one has been  repairing. 

Lily: The meeting is of great importance. I hope everything