Message Service

Message Service

May I take a message for him, please?

May i have the message, please?

Could you call again later, please?

I'm afraid we can only take simple messages. I will repeat your message.

May i know who's speaking?

A: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?

B: Yes, I have an appointment with Mr. Smith at nine. But I have an emergent meeting now. I won't be back until afternoon. Could you take a message for him, saying that I will be in my room by two?

A: Certainly, sir. We will inform him when he comes.

B: Thank you.

A: It's my pleasure.


(Mr. Wang was out Betty requests to leave a message to him,)

Clerk: This is the Information Desk. Can I help you?

Betty: I tried to contact Mr. Wang in Room 1709 but he was out.

Could you take a message for him, please?

Clerk: Certainly. For Mr. Wang in Room 1709. May i know who is calling, please?

Betty: Yes. My name is Betty.

Clerk: Miss Betty, go ahead, please.

Betty: Could you ask him to call me back as soon as he arrives at the hotel?

Clerk: Certainly. May I have your number, please?

Betty: Yes, It's Dalian 62541378.

Clerk: It's Dalian 62541378?

Betty: Thafs right.

Clerk: Is that the complete message?

Betty: Yes, that's all. Thanks.