minimum charge

minimum charge

The meal here, minimum consumption is 50 yuan.

Is there a minimum charge?

The minimum cost of the table is 180 yuan which just includes a dozen of beers, a nut, a piece of squid and a box of paper!

But there is a minimum requirement on expenses.

A: Good evening. How many people of your party?

B: Three. Two adults and one kid.

A: For buffet?

B: Yes. How much do you charge for it?

A: The minimum charge is thirty for each adult, twenty each kid.

B: I see.


(Ken and Leo are talking about the minimum charge..)

Ken: Food is less expensive in a cafeteria, because you serve yourself.

Leo: How to do it?

Ken: Just pick up a tray, then put a knife, a fork, a spoon and a paper napkin on it and stand in the line.

Leo: What is the minimum charge?

Ken: It's not the same. Generally speaking, you can't pay for soft drinks.

But you charge some money for each alcohol order.

Leo: I see. How long will it take to reach the buffet?

Ken: Not long, because people rush for lunch.

Leo: The line sure does move fast.

Ken: Tell the man behind the counter what you want.

Leo: OK. I like that green vegetable but I don't know how to call it.

Ken: Just point to it if you don't know the name.

Leo: All right.