Mixing Clothes

Mixing Clothes

Unfortunately, I made a mistake.

I mixed them up.

How much is the charge?

We'll fix it before washing.

You sure did. You should have read the laundry list.

A:This is Housekeeping. We have found your sweater. We made a  mistake delivering the laundry. We'll send it up to your room at oncej We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

B:That's all right. I'm just glad you found it.

A:(Housekeeper arrives with the skirt, and knocks at the door.)

Housekeeping. Here's your skirt.

B:Thank you.

A:You're welcome. We're sorry for the delay.

B:Never mind.


(A housekeeping clerk takes mixing clothes to send a guest's room.)

Clerk: Housekeeping. May i help you?

Guest: Yes, The attendant delivered some laundry to my room, but ifs 1 not mine.

Clerk: I'm sorry, sir. We will send someone immediately.

(Goes to room)

Clerk: Housekeeping. I've brought your laundry. Is this yours, sir?

Guest: Yes, that's right. Could you put it on the bed, please?

Clerk: Certainly, sir. May i have the misdelivered items, please?

Guest: Sure, I'll get them for you.

Clerk: Thank you, sir. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Guest: That's all right.