Money Changing

Money Changing

What kind of currency do you want to change?

Could you change some money for me?

In what denominations?

Can I have 10 U. S. dollars worth of RMB?

I'll calculate that for you.

If you want to cash the check, please sign again on the bottom line.


A: Hello.

B: Hello. I'm here to change some money.

A: What currency do you have? And what currency do you want?

B:i want to convert several thousand dollars into Renminbi.

A: Canadian dollars?Pounds?US dollars? Or ......

B: Hong Kong dollars.

A: How much would you like to change?

B:lt just depends.


(Cindy requires to change the traveler's cheques into Canadian dollars.

Cindy: Excuse me. Can you cash these Canadian dollar traveler's cheques.

Clerk: Certainly. How much do you want to cash?

Cindy: Only 500 Canadian dollars to meet my living expense before the remittance comes. Here are the cheques.

Clerk: Would you mind showing me your passport?

Cindy: Certainly. Here it is.

Clerk: Would you please sign your name here?

Cindy: All right. What rate are you giving today?

Clerk: The buying rate for notes is 687 yuan for 100 Canadian dollars. With traveler's cheques 10% interest charges will be deducted from the proceeds after conversion.

Cindy: Well, how much can I get in Renminbi currency?

Clerk: Let me see. It comes to Renminbi 3091.5 yuan. Here is your money.

Cindy: Thank you.

Clerk: My pleasure.