May I speak to Mr.chen

May I speak to Mr.chen

I believe it was an exciting experience.

I bought some tea as gift for you.

I was just about to call to tell you how I appreciate the flowers you give me.

Your husband said yellow roses were your favourite.

If Li Gang's there, you go ahead and tell him the good news.

A: May I speak to Mr. Wang?

B: Speaking.

A: Hello, Mr. Wang. This is Bonnie.

B: Oh, yes, Miss Bonnie. How are you?

A: Fine, thank you. I'm calling in thanks about connection with the renewal of my visa.

B: It doesn't matter.


(Chen iHua calls Mr. Scott for thanks.)

Chen Hua: Hello. May I speak to Mr. Scott?

Mr.Scott: Yes, speaking.

Chen Hua: How do you do, Mr. Scott? This is Chen Hua. I'm calling to thank you for the wonderful dinner we had yesterday. I enjoyed it very much.

Mr.Scott: You're welcome. I'd like you to join us for dinner again sometime.

Chen Hua: Thank you, Mr. Scott. I'm returning to China today.

Mr.Scott: Today?

Chen Hua: Yes. I appreciate all help and in particular, and all the time that you've spent on my account during my stay here.

Mr.Scott: Don't mention it. I was only too pleased to be of assistance.

Chen Hua: If there's anything that I can help you with in the future please let me know.

Mr.Scott: I'll do that. Thank you. Have a safe trip home.

Chen Hua: Thank you very much. Good-bye.