no seat

no seat

Just a moment, please. I'll check the availability for you. I'm afraid we're fully booked for that time.

Is it possible for you to change the time?

A deposit of US$30 is required to secure your booking. I'm afraid that table is reserved for 8 p. m..

A: Good evening, sir and madam. Welcome to our restaurant. Do you I have a reservation, sir?

B: I'm afraid I haven't. Do you have a table for two?

A: I'm sorry to say that we haven't got any vacant seat at present! Would you please wait in the lounge for about five minutes? l'll seat  you if the table is ready.

B: It sounds nice.Nancy, let's go to the lounge then.

(Rose intends to hold a small party at a restaurant.)

Rose: Hello, is that the Beautiful Garden Restaurant?

Clerk: Speaking. May i help you?

Rose: Yes. I'd like a table for 10 at 8:00 this evening. Can you arrange! it for us?

Clerk: Just a minute. I'll check if there is any availability. (After a while I'm sorry. There aren't any tables left for 8:00,but we can give you one at 9:30. Would you like to make a reservation at time?)

Rose: Well, let me see. It seems a little late.

Clerk: Usually the restaurant will be quieter at that time.

Rose: That's the truth, and we need a quiet place in fact.    

Clerk: Then i will recommend the West Lake Room.  And we offer free fruit juice after 9:30.

Rose: Fine. I change the time to 9:30.

Clerk: Very good. A table for 10 at 9:30 this evening in Room. May I have your name, please?

Rose: Rose.