The Longevity Noodles

The Longevity Noodles

Birthday cake is coming! It's time to sing Happy Birthday. Now, make a wish.

Blow out the candles. Please.

I'll be here to celebrate my birthday next year.

A: Happy Birthday, Mary!

B: Thank you.

A: The longevity noodle is ordered especially for you.

B: Thank you.

A: Now, Mary, before you blow out the birthday candles, you have to make a wish. After that, you may cut the cake.

(A guest wants to order a special dinner for his wife.)

Waiter: Good evening, sir.

Guest: Good evening. Today is my wife's birthday. I'd like to order a special dinner for her. She is quite excited to have her birthday here inChina.

Waiter: I'm very happy to hear that. Happy birthday to your wife.

Guest: Thank you.

Waiter: May I suggest the noodle soup with eggs? You know, Chinese people think long noodles symbolize longevity. And it creates family harmony.

Guest: That sounds great! Yes, it's a wonderful custom. I'm so glad to have my wife's birthday inChina. We'll have two bowls of noodle soup with eggs.

Waiter: Certainly, sir. May I serve your birthday cake now?

Guest: Yes, please.

Waiter: OK.

Guest: It's so nice with these tiny candles. Have you put on my wife's j name on the cake?

Waiter: Yes, sir. And some congratulations on it, too