not Ready to Order the Dishes

not Ready to Order the Dishes

Can I take your order?

I will order again later.

What would you like?

We are ready to order now. Where is our serve?

A: May i take your order, please?

B: Yes, can I have the menu?

A: Yes. Here you are. Would you like a drink before dinner?

B: Wait a moment. I have no idea what to eat.

A: OK, sir. When you prepare to order, you can call me.

B: Thank you.


(After guest sits down, she looks at the menu.)

Clerk: Good evening. Are you ready to order, Miss?

Guest Not yet.

Clerk: Please take your time, Miss.

(A moment later.)

Guest: Waiter... i'll have shrimp cocktail to start with. And for the course, I'd like steak and then, creamed potatoes and bean with some black coffee afterwards.

Clerk: How would you like your steak done, Miss?

Guest: Rare, please.

Clerk: Would you like ottier thing to drink, Miss?

Guest: I'll have some orange to drink. Yes, a glass of orange. 

Clerk: So, thafs shrimp cocktail, a tenderloin steak rare, with  prtatoes and beans, a glass of orange, and a cup coffee. Is there anything else, Miss?

Guest: No, tiiank you. Thafs enough.

Clerk: Thank you, Miss. Just wait a moment, please