Ordering Beverages

Ordering Beverages

What would you like to have, coffee or tea?

Anything to drink?

Orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice or tomato juice? This is special sugar for coffee. This is granulated sugar, sir. Shall I make your coffee weak?

A: Would you like to order some drink with your meal?

B: Um, yes. What would you recommend?

A: I think that the wine is good.

B: I'd like one without alcohol.

A: How about orange juice?

B: OK. I'll take a bottle of that then.

A: OK, sir. Just wait a moment, please.

B: Take your time.

(After taking orders, Tina, Wendy and Zoe want to order beverages.)

Waiter: Would you care for anything to drink, Miss?

Tina: Well, what shall we have?

Zoe: I'll have a bloody Mary.

Wendy: I'll have orange juice.

Waiter: Which do you prefer, fresh or canned?

Wendy: Canned is all right.i never touch any alcoholic drink.

Waiter: Just a moment, please.

Tina: Take your time.

Waiter: Thank you, Miss.

Tina: The dishes is delicious at the restaurant.

Zoe: Really? It's my first time to come.

Wendy: I have come with Tina before. It's wonderful